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Huawei P70 will equip highest local components than any past flagship



Huawei p60 pro smartphone

Huawei P70 will increase local components purchases than any other previous flagship including a new self-developed camera sensor.

A Weibo tipster broke the news that the Huawei P70 series smartphone will have the highest rate of local components in a Huawei smartphone. It simply means that the company will use most components produced by Chinese companies.

The tipster further revealed that Huawei and Sony have not renewed their contract for new supplies. Also, Huawei’s supply chain has been exhausted from the past components.

A report reveals that Huawei has been developing its own CMOS sensor to stop relying on foreign firms. The development of Huawei’s own chipset includes from wafers to chips for the image processing unit. However, Huawei has not announced such news as official.

huawei p70 local components

Huawei P70 series:

Traditionally, Huawei releases P-series smartphones in the first half of the year. However, the tradition lost its track after the US sanctions in 2019. Following the launch of the P40 series, Huawei unveiled only the Huawei P50 Pro in 2021, while the company vacated the P-series launch in 2022.

Earlier this year, Huawei introduced the P60 Pro to resume the dual flagship era. In early 2024, Huawei is likely to launch the Huawei P70 series with new features. Meanwhile, the Chinese tech company already started preparing for the manufacturing of the Huawei P70 with new supply chain orders. Some past information shows that the company has asked suppliers to begin manufacturing new optical fingerprint sensor modules for the upcoming flagship.

Due to supply chain restrictions, Huawei can only purchase the majority of the components from local suppliers. Therefore, it has some issues in getting the ordered components on time.

However, we can expect some good performance and performance from the Huawei P70 series as compared to the previous P-series devices.


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