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Huawei P70 series rumored to use high-speed miniature camera sensor



Huawei P70 high-speed miniature camera

A new rumor hits the Huawei P70 series and suggests that the premium device may adopt a high-speed miniature camera sensor. In addition, the upcoming lineup could bear a new antenna structure to meet productivity aspects for communications.

Weibo tipster @FixedFocus recently shared a patent describing advanced lens technology. The patent is divided into two parts where the first one highlights a new antenna structure while the second one displays the camera module of a device.

Ahead, the first image reflects an innovative antenna structure that can easily achieve high efficiency in omnidirectional radiation mode. Notably, the antenna can radiate radio waves uniformly in all directions and pull signals better from one direction, enabling users to communicate with multiple contacts in real time.

Meanwhile, the second image shows a miniature high-speed camera sensor that significantly reduces the device’s thickness and improves image capturing. Such types of sensors allow increased light sensitivity with reduced image resolution without altering the field of view.

Huawei P70 high-speed miniature camera

Both these patents demonstrate high-end technologies. While the tipster didn’t mention the device name that will use these effective solutions, a few netizens predicted that the Huawei P70 could use a new antenna and self-developed high-speed miniature camera sensor.

The above-mentioned lens reduces the width and occupies less space in the device. It also boosts the image quality and makes it more crisp and detailed. There is no confirmation on this matter, but when it comes to beneficial tech implementations, Huawei might think of it for the next P-series.

Huawei P70 high-speed miniature camera

Huawei P70 series: Camera Framework:

Notably, the P70 lineup is likely to include fresh camera solutions which will raise the photography standards. The company is hearsay to use an upgraded ultra-wide lens, and robust periscope lens to enhance the imaging experience.

Besides, the list counts a glass-plastic hybrid lens which will offer sharp pixels with effective vibrance to the images. And let’s not forget the all-new IMX 989 sensor for better HDR portraits and low-lighting photography. It would be worth seeing whether the company opts for the mentioned technology in the future.


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