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Huawei officially opens first flagship store in Beijing with exciting activities



Huawei flagship store Beijing activities

Today, Huawei officially opened its first flagship store in Wangfujing, Beijing, and put forth several offline activities for its invitees. Meanwhile, consumers can win exciting rewards if they remain in the first 100 listings to visit the new store.

According to the information, Huawei’s new flagship store in Beijing follows the central axis symmetry rule. The overall appearance is balanced with the latest beautification and advanced technology implementation. Notably, the store covers over 1200 square meters of area to showcase its beauty.

Speaking of the materials indulged in the making, the Huawei Store is built up with 17 pieces of 12.8mm high one-piece giant glass curtain walls. These walls offer a smooth exterior finish to the store and make it look light and transparent. It also uses reactive concrete to maintain the durability aspects.

Huawei flagship store Beijing activities

The new Huawei flagship store is a dual-level building located at Wangfujing Pedestrian Street, Beijing, and on the first day, the company brought in a variety of activities to play on. Besides, users can enjoy limited-edition coffee/drinks, customized canvas bags and stickers, free printed photos, and more.


  • Customized canvas bag and sticker: 2000 units in stocks
  • Free photo printing: 100 per day
  • Free cup of coffee or other drink: 800 cups per day

Huawei flagship store Beijing activities

Huawei has further shared a note regarding its first flagship store in Beijing which reads:

“The 17 giant glass curtain walls interpret the aesthetics of central axis symmetry, as well as the most complete and latest product experience with warm and thoughtful service experience. On the occasion of the New Year, we bring you a Beijing-style ‘city living room’. Everyone is welcome to come and check-in.”

Moving on, the store is divided into three core selling points to provide the latest product experience, rich and personalized scenarios, as well as full-service facilities. One can look out at smart office, audio-visual entertainment, smart travel, sports and health, and smart house section.

At the same time, there is a dedicated coffee area and children’s activity area where you can have a rest. Moreover, over 80+ consultants are active in the store to help consumers with professional services at any time and solve their doubts related to the products.

Huawei flagship store Beijing activities


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