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Huawei P70 series models allegedly enter Geekbench with new Kirin chip



Huawei P70 series Geekbench

Three new Huawei models that are expected to be the P70 series have recently entered the Geekbench 6 listing with an anonymous Kirin chip. After the network certifications, these alleged models appeared in the performance measuring platform.

The Geekbench shows the single and multi-core scores of the three new Huawei phones with the model numbers AL10, AL80, and AL00 (expected to be P70 series).

Huawei ALT-AL10 which could be the base P70 version gains 1243 points in single-core testing while 3840 points in multi-core testing. The AL80 allegedly referred to as P70 Pro achieves 1348 and 4114 points in single and multi-core testing respectively.

Third is the Huawei MNA-AL00 smartphone model, which scored 1784 points in the single-core performance test and 4589 points in the multi-core testing.

Huawei P70 series Geekbench

Huawei AL10 Geekbench Results (Image Credits: Geekbench)

Huawei P70 series Geekbench

Huawei AL80 Geekbench Results (Image Credits: Geekbench)

Huawei AL00 Geekbench Results (Image Credits: Geekbench)

New Kirin chip?

It is worth noting that Huawei devices with the AL10 and AL80 model numbers seem to run on the same Kirin 9000s chipset found in Mate 60 Pro, with 12 logical cores structure. They also have a similar range of Geekbench 6 scoring.

Although the third phone with an AL00 model number (could be the P70 Art) is hearsay to use a new Kirin chipset that has a base frequency of 2.02GHz and a large core frequency of 3.15GHz. You can check the CPU structure below.

  • AL10 & AL80: 4 cores at 1.53GHz + 6 cores at 2.15GHz + 2 cores at 2.62GHz
  • AL00: 4 cores at 2.02GHz + 3 cores at 2.75GHz + 1 core at 3.19GHz

The overall info hints that Huawei is likely to use a fresh Kirin chipset for the top-end model of the P70 series with improved performance efficiency. Meanwhile, the Geekbench listing clues that the next P-series has started nearing its launch.

Huawei P70 lineup is hearsay to adopt upgraded satellite features with more stability as well as reliable aspects. Some other inputs suggest that the new P series will mainly focus on raising the photography standard to peak via its latest lens solutions.

It is unclear whether Huawei will follow the same treatment for the P70 models as the Mate 60 series or will hold a grand launch event to showcase the premium lineup. Stay tuned to get interesting leaks on this subject.

Huawei P70 series Geekbench

Image Credits: Huawei Central

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