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Huawei may increase flexible OLED demand by 115% this year: Report



Huawei flexible OLED demand

A new report implies that Huawei could raise the flexible OLED screen demand by 115% in the first half of 2024. While several tech vendors are running for proficient display panels, Huawei seemingly doesn’t want to remain behind in this race.

Stone Partners research organization has recently shared the flexible OLED screen demand rate among top smartphone companies. Starting with Apple, the company decreased the demand for the respective panel by 19% compared to the last year.

The firm predicted Apple demand of 78.8 million units out of which, 43.4 million units account for the first quarter and 35.4 million units in the second quarter.

But companies like Huawei may boost the flexible OLED demand for its smartphones by 115% in the first half of this year. In the first quarter, the Chinese tech maker raised the ordered units by 15.4 million while the second quarter shows 10.2 million.

Huawei flexible OLED demand

Flexible OLED demand rate in 2024 (Image Credits: CNMO)

What is flexible OLED?

Such types of display panels rely upon an adaptable plastic substrate on which an optical material (to emit light) layered. This lets the device easily bend, roll, or work while operating. It also helps in making the phone lightweight and durable.

Note that Huawei uses a flexible OLED screen for its flagship handsets whereas the normal or LCD for low-end phones. It seems there are plenty of new and premium-level phones in the pipeline that Huawei will gradually unveil on the stage.

The list also shows Samsung with a 4% increase in the flexible OLED demand this year. It isn’t wrong to expect a significant boost in the flagship phone competition this year.

Huawei flexible OLED demand

Huawei flexible OLED demand rate (Image Credits: Huawei Central)

(Source – CNMO)

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