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Huawei P60 Pro periscope macro captures amazing spring shots



Huawei P60 Pro Periscope Macro shots

Huawei P60 Pro comes with a next-gen periscope camera that not only provides high-quality zoom but also enables powerful macro shots and today, we’ll check some amazing samples shared by the tech maker.

Looking at the four pictures, we can see that the scenes consist of nothing more than ordinary rural landscapes. However, these hand-crafted models consist of “fields” cultivated by “farmers” and actually made of wool under the macro lens texture. Meanwhile, the large emerald green that bends with the wind is not a crop, it is just an ordinary green towel.

The entire scenario generates a Lilliputian effect and vividly demonstrates the strength of Huawei’s periscope zoom capability. The phone company uploaded these images in order to bring up the joy of spring and try to show us the big world inside a small world. The composition of the landscape is very interesting and shows various details that are hard to catch without a P60 Pro camera.

Check the macro shots in the tweet below.

Huawei P60 Pro Periscope:

This flagship comes with the most enhanced periscope camera with an ultra-lighting telephoto system. The structure is loaded with multiple lens groups and the f/2.1 largest aperture sensor.

The camera boasts over 178% more light than its predecessor to provide rich details and light composition after zoom. The effects come into action when you stretch the levels maximum to 200X, which uses the Huawei XD Optics algorithm.

The new camera has so much power that it can shoot the moon and the scene together. It is a brand-new feature for consumers. This phone doesn’t bring a dedicated macro camera, instead, Huawei P60 Pro equips a super macro mode. It encompasses the periscope lens to zoom in on the subject and take it to the closest.

The new periscope macro on Huawei P60 Pro not only gets you closer to the subject but also generates massive brightness in dark environments.

Huawei P60 Pro Periscope Macro shots

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