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HarmonyOS, Euler and other softwares supporting open source industry: Huawei




Today, at Huawei Global Analyst Conference 2023, Huawei Chairwoman and vice chairman, Meng Wanzhou said that the company will continue to innovate open-source software and promote HarmonyOS, Euler, and other technologies for the industry.

Meng mentioned that Huawei will bring new power to the computational world in different scenarios. Also, contribute to the highest digitization of the industry with open source software.

She said, Huawei Cloud will open up the technologies, tools, and experience that the company gathered over the past year. It will also share knowledge with customers, partners, and developers for cloud services to help pace the change.

Currently, Huawei is the top firm in China to develop the most advanced open-source software. As the company has developed operating systems –  HarmonyOS and Euler. That’s not it, the Chinese tech maker also developed software compilers, databases, and other useful technologies.

To provide maximum advantages to the Chinese software firms, Huawei has donated HarmonyOS and Euler source code to the OpenAtom foundation. This has led to a vast adaption of these two operating systems in respective fields by various companies.

However, Huawei also set some new goals in order to achieve a wide understanding of the players and partners. Meng Wanzhou comes up with a plan, saying that Huawei will strengthen cooperation with industrial organizations to prosper the industrial ecosystem through open hardware and open-source software.

It is revealed that Huawei will boost its investment in its partner ecosystem, which currently has over 35000 business partners and over 41000 ecosystem partners.

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