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Huawei P30 series gets HarmonyOS 3 public beta



Huawei P30 series HarmonyOS 3 public beta

Huawei P30 series began receiving HarmonyOS 3 public beta software update, which means that the stable rollout is coming soon to this never-the-old flagship lineup.

According to the information, HarmonyOS 3 public beta for the Huawei P30 series will allow unlimited slots to enter the testing pool without any limits. Also, more of these Huawei P30 model owners will be able to get the new HarmonyOS 3 features before the official release.

HarmonyOS 3 for the Huawei P30 series comes with a variety of new features and these are core to improving the user experience. Refering to, HarmonyOS 3 brings new system optimizations and features such as stack and group widgets, smart folders with new layout options, and stability improvements for better system performance.

HarmonyOS 3 focuses on security and privacy, as these two sections are now separated inside the system settings. While providing you with an in-depth look according to their name.

Version details:

Huawei is sending the public beta of HarmonyOS 3 for the P30 due with HarmonyOS 3 version This version is available for both HarmonyOS 2 (stable) and existing HarmonyOS 3 closed beta testers.

The new entry to this public beta activity will have to download a full-size HarmonyOS 3 changelog OTA update. On the other hand, existing beta applicants will get system stability improvements.

Below are the models that can apply for the HarmonyOS 3 open beta:

  • P30 (ELE-AL00)
  • P30 (ELE-TL00)
  • P30 Pro (VOG-AL00)
  • P30 Pro (VOG-AL10)
  • P30 Pro (VOG-TL00)

Huawei P30 series HarmonyOS 3 public beta

Below you can check the update notes:

  • Due to version restrictions, you need to download the required version in order to receive the public beta.
  • During the public beta test, you are suggested to enable the user experience improvement options in order to provide feedback and help the developer improve the software.
  • This update will not delete your data, but it is still recommended that you back up all important files to your PC or cloud before upgrading, and confirm that the backup content is complete and valid, otherwise there may be a risk of data loss.
  • There are some third-party applications that may not be compatible with HarmonyOS, Hence these third-party applications may not work properly after the update. It is recommended that you try to update the apps to the latest version via Huawei AppGallery.
  • After downloading the latest software update, your phone may produce heat, lag, or slow charging. These issues are caused by some self-optimization and adaptation actions performed by the system after the upgrade. However, these issues will resolve and the device will recover within a few days. It is recommended that you charge for 1 hour in your spare time. During the charging period, the system will optimize once to ensure that the mobile phone application is quickly adapted.
  • This update needs 8GB of free data space and the installation package will be automatically deleted after a successful upgrade.


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