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Huawei P30 Lite EMUI 12 software update reaches more users



huawei p30 lite emui 12 users

Huawei has started expanding EMUI 12 for more P30 lite users across the globe. This has been started to distribute last month with various new features and quality improvements for the corresponding smartphone users.

The latest update expands the reach of EMUI 12 for the P30 lite users in more markets with the EMUI 12 version and packages size of over 4GB. Users are recommended to install this software update as soon as it arrives on the P30 lite device.

The EMUI 12 software update for the Huawei P30 lite smartphone brings a new intuitive interface, a multi-device section in the control panel, and control panel, as well as a new notification. On the other hand, the update has major improvements for the performance of the EMUI software ecosystem.

Speaking of EMUI 12, if you haven’t already, we suggest you download and install the latest EMUI 12 software build for your P30 lite and get onboard with the latest suite of services.

According to the information, Huawei P30 Lite smartphone users can download EMUI 12 software by going into Settings > and following the System & services section to fetch the newest firmware version.

However, you should also keep some precautions before you move on to download this major upgrade. First, make a backup of important data before you get on with EMUI 12 wagon, next charge up with sufficient battery life, and then head on for the upgrade section.

huawei p30 lite emui 12 users

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