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Huawei P20 Pro will be unveiled in two new gradient colors at IFA 2018



Huawei P20 Pro is one of the best mobile phone flagships of this year featuring triple Lieca cameras and cool gradient colors. The P20 pro is about to take on two more gradient colors.

In addition to the regular black and blue versions, the more cool Huawei P20 Pro uses a structural color gradual plating process, showing a mysterious aurora color, with colorful colors such as sapphire blue, pure cherry pink gold, and bright black.

However this is not it, according to Android Authority, at the upcoming IFA conference in Berlin, Huawei P20 Pro will also launch two new gradient colors.

The source also reported that one of the gradients was inspired by the night sky and the Aurora Borealis, sharing part of the color with the existing gradient, but it has a wider color gamut, Starting at black on the left, it uses a gradient to transition towards turquoise at the right of the phone, and includes the purple and blue hues found on the twilight P20 Pro.

Another gradient is inspired by the sea, including shells, pearls, etc. The main color is white with a hint of yellow and pink similar to the Rose Gold version. The color of this version is more subtle and subtle than other versions.

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