Huawei opens a 5G lab in South Korea and promised $5 million investment

Huawei today unveiled an open lab for the 5G wireless network in South Korea, that’ll play its role in the country’s 5G development but keep it quite due to the recent restriction imposed by the US.

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The world’s top telecom equipment maker said it planned to invest about $5 million in the lab in the Jung-gu district of Seoul, further information on the launch was not provided, reported CNBC.

“Based on the philosophy of “In Korea and for Korea” and the strength of its own 5G network, Huawei will build a 5G ecosystem through cooperation with a number of South Korean ICT companies and especially small-and-medium enterprises,” Huawei’s official statement.

The event has completely ignored the US’s restriction on the company, which has been urging its allies to block the Huawei.

Huawei’s initial plans were to promote this event at the public level and to bring media to the launch venue but after the US ban, it decided to arrange the celebration at a low pace.

“Huawei wanted to promote the launch to as many Korean small-and-medium enterprises as possible, but it decided to keep the press out after the ban to avoid any damage to its Korean partners in case they are shown in media,” a person said in terms to remain anonymous.

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