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Huawei openEuler exceeds 1 million downloads



openeuler 1 million

Following its launch, Huawei donated the openEuler operating system to the open atom foundation. Thereafter, it progressed fast and openEuler has now achieved 1 million downloads.

Following the 1 million downloads announcement, openEuler also revealed to host Operating System Industry Summit 2022 & openEuler Summit 2022 on December 28-29 to share more information about the operating system.

Released by Huawei, openEuler can be widely deployed in various forms of equipment such as servers, cloud computing, edge computing, and embedded devices. It supports OT applications and the integration of OT and ICT. This system OS can cover IT, CT to OT The whole scene of digital infrastructure.

openeuler 1 million

With openEuler 22.09, the software adopted the interconnection between Euler and HarmonyOS by integrating the real-time kernel, and explored innovative applications in scenarios such as geographical inspection.

Huawei vice president of Huawei and president of the computing product line, Deng Taihua promised that Huawei will continue to invest in openEuler.

The Chinese tech giant will also promote the development of Euler from five aspects: Technological innovation, ecological construction, commercial promotion, open-source construction, and talent development.

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