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Huawei obtained patent for detachable electronic device



Huawei patent detachable electronic device

Huawei has appealed for a patent regarding a detachable electronic device. So far, the Chinese manufacturer is sweating in distributing the patch and new updates to its devices. However, in the meantime, the company is also checking over new technologies.

According to the World Intellectual Property Organization, Huawei will use the detachable electronic device, mentioned in the patent for products like Laptops.

Further, the respective technical stuff will use two dock structure mechanisms. The first part of the device will support the first docking structure. While the other part of the device will support the second docking structure.

Detachable Electronic Device Mechanism

As per the reports, the first docking system consists of some fundamental components. For instance – a base, gear, hook, and two racks as the first and second, a magnetic member, and an elastic element ascending over the first base.

Eventually, the first part of the rack resides over one side of the gear. Meanwhile, the second rack is on the other side of the gear. The mentioned hook lies on one side of the second rack and is facing toward the second docking structure.

Huawei patent detachable electronic device

The same goes with the magnetic element that is placed over one side of the first rack and facing the second docking structure. Besides, the second dock structure gives space to a second magnetic element as well as a second base.

How does it work?

On being active, when the first part is tied up to the second part, the first magnetic component impels the first rack from the second part. Thereafter, the gear revolves and operates the second rack so that it could reach another part. The hook extends and accommodates the docking section. After the detachable connection gets accomplished between the first and second parts, the elastic element restarts the process again.


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