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Huawei Nova 2s is receiving November 2021 HarmonyOS features update



Huawei nova 2s November 2021 update

Huawei is rolling out a new software update for the years-old Huawei Nova 2s smartphone that comes with HarmonyOS 2.0 version and has an updated package size of 0.98 gigabytes. The latest Huawei Nova 2s software update released in November 2021 brings new HarmonyOS features that improve this phone’s overall user experience.

The Nova 2S is a tough device, even after a long time, Huawei has included this phone under the HarmonyOS upgrade plan. The November 2021 HarmonyOS update for the Huawei Nova 2s brings new features including App Guard, new gallery features for the service widgets, optimization for the system to boost performance in certain scenarios.

Despite its long appearance history, the smartphone was last updated with an EMUI software system based on Android but now it can also run HarmonyOS, all thanks to the latest HarmonyOS beta testing that phone has been part for the time being.

Huawei Nova 2s November 2021 update changelog:

Huawei nova 2s November 2021 update

App Guard

  • The App Guard is turned on by default, and security checks such as malicious behavior, security vulnerabilities, and privacy risks are performed during the application installation process to prevent the installation of risky applications and ensure the safety and purity of the system operating environment.

Service Widgets:

  • Added support for camera and gallery applications, slide up the application icon to open app snippets, you can select the size of the widget, drag to change the position, and transform your personalized home screen.


  • Optimized the problem that the battery icon in the status bar of some situation is displayed abnormally.


  • Optimize the system stability of some situations.

According to the information, Huawei has already completed HarmonyOS 2.0 rollout for most of its smartphones and Huawei Nova 2s has been one of the most blissful beneficiaries of this upgrade plan initiated by Huawei after the launch of this new operating system on June 2, 2021.

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