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Huawei Nova 10 series to come in a 5G package version



Huawei is preparing to release the new Nova series smartphone – Nova 10 among consumers. The phone series is unlikely to couple with 5G services. However, the latest input coming from a Weibo tipster suggests that Huawei Nova 10 could come with a 5G package.

According to the tipster, Huawei Nova 10 could come with a 5G package version. However, the tipster doesn’t reveal much of the details regarding this specific version. Still, we can speculate that the Huawei Nova 10 5G package version could include the 5G phone cover that enables these network services once attached to the phone.

Still, we can expect that the Huawei Nova 10 series would come with a 4G chipset and may require extra accessories such as a 5G phone cover to activate this network capability on the phone. Instead of purchasing it separately, Huawei would bundle it in a different version and sell it to the consumer.

Currently, Huawei has not confirmed any official details regarding Huawei Nova 10 series but we could expect the phone to launch somewhere in June this year.

Huawei Nova 10:

The previous report suggests that Huawei Nova 10 comes will be powered by a new Qualcomm chipset (read more here), and the design of the phone could be tweaked as compared to the Nova 9 series. There’s more that needs to be uncovered regarding Huawei Nova 10 series and we’ll keep you posted with further updates.

Aside from these details, you can also check information about the 5G case in the article linked below.

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