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Huawei multi-device wireless charger goes on pre-sale at 799 Yuan



Huawei multi-device wireless charger

Today, the new Huawei multi-device wireless charger with smart capabilities has been put on the shelves of the company’s online store The pre-sale price is 799 Yuan (Approx. 120 USD). However, its first sale will start on 17th September at 10:08.

This multi-device charger is capable to charger three device that supports wireless charging such as a smartphone, a smartwatch, and a smart accessory at the same time. In Addition, it provides a Max of 15W wireless charging power for each device.

Design and Capabilities:

It adopts a flat cylindrical design to easily contain three devices and the cable input on its edge. Besides, its three-layer three-dimensional large coil design can detect the device’s position to increase the efficiency of the charging area.

Moving on to other capabilities, Huawei has installed a smart temperature control chip besides a silent air-cooling arrangement in this multi-device wireless charger. It only assures reliable temperature control but maintains the charging competence also.

Coming to the compatibility of this charging board, it follows the Qi standards. It means it can provide support for any wireless charging device of any vendor. Huawei smartphones, tablets, audio accessories, and smart wearables alongside the same products of other sellers can be charged with this board. Huawei multi-device wireless charger

To be mentioned, it was launched at the new product launch conference on July 29. Furthermore, the company also introduces other flagship products including the P50 series, V series smart screens, Huawei Band 6 Pro, Children’s Watch 4 Pro, and so on.

(Via- Ithome)

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