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Huawei 5G equipment ban makes UK and London rank lowest in network speed



Huawei 5G equipment ban UK network

Huawei 5G equipment ban is resulting in major losses for telecom operators and the latest example of this scenario is the UK and London, ranking the lowest in network speed. A new report has shared some noteworthy insights on this matter.

Looking into the information, a recent survey done by the Spanish MedUX firm shows that London has received the last position in the 5G network speed segment. The survey counts 10 vital cities in Europe like Barcelona, Berlin, Paris, Lisbon, and more.

Elaborating on results, the Chief Marketing Officer of MedUX – Rafael Galarreta says that a notable reason behind the London and the UK decline in the network speed is the removal of Huawei 5G equipment from the core, following the ban.

Eventually, the ‘rip and replace’ program that UK authorities initiated to pull out Huawei’s tech components from its network segment led to the country’s poor performance. It pressed operators to work from scratch and look for better replacements.

Huawei 5G equipment ban UK network

Telecom companies like BT, Sky Telecom, and more rushed to remove Huawei from their core network, in favor of the UK ban. However, this action worsens the condition and results in a network outage or issues with network supply in the region.

“Although it is difficult to quantify the impact of banning Huawei on the UK network, Huawei has been forced to withdraw from the UK’s 5G network construction in recent years. This is likely to be one of the reasons for the poor quality of London’s 5G network.”

Consequently, the average 5G downlink access rate in London is only 143Mbps. Besides, it hardly covers 77.5% of consumers, in terms of providing 5G signal.

Germany 5G Network At Top!

Meanwhile, Germany has one of the best 5G network speeds and facilities for consumers in all cities. It has an average 5G downlink access rate of 259Mbps and has the highest coverage of 89.6 percent.


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