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Huawei likely to unveil new smart TV products in March 2024



Huawei smart TV products March

Huawei could launch its flagship P70 series in March this year and at the same time, we may also see some brand-new smart TV products on the stage. As per a new input, the company has packed several offerings for the coming months.

Tipster @FixedFocus said that the Chinese tech giant has new smart TV products like the Huawei V5 75-inch and V5 Pro 75-inch models that could show up in March. Notably, these devices will equip the Honghu 900 chip to deliver a boastful performance.

Honghu 900 chip:

The respective flagship processor is available on several smart screens to date. It is capable of boosting the display quality from 1080p to 4K resolution at 120 fps within 0.88 seconds.

Further, the Honghu 900 chipset can support 8K resolution at 120fps decoding and brings advanced features like AI, SR, AI HDR, subject recognition, and more.

Wireless Remote Control:

On the greener side, the tipster revealed that these smart screens will continue to retain the significant Huawei Wireless Remote Control system. Note that this is the world’s first absolute pointing interaction.

Consequently, the Wireless Remote Control functionality enables users to manage and operate their smart TVs more smoothly without dealing with any kind of interruption.

Huawei smart TV products March

Launch alongside Huawei P70 Series?

Huawei is hearsay to uncover the most-awaited P70 series in March this year. Being a grand unveiling event, we can expect the company to show off more new products on the platform. Yet, the inputs need an official statement for confirmation.

On December 26, 2023, Huawei launched the V5 85-inch smart screen with brand new features like air touch, HarmonyOS 4.0, 4T NPU computing power, and more. The device also supports a self-developed smart dynamic picture compensation algorithm for fast, smooth, and clear visual effects.

It also has the capability of blue light automatic brightness adjustment and flourishes natural color display. It would be worth seeing what new features the upcoming smart TV products will bring to the table.


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