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Huawei CEO shares details on new V5 Smart TV, may launch on December 26



Huawei V5 Smart TV details launch

Huawei CEO – Yu Chengdong recently shared details about the new V5 85-inch Smart TV which is tipped to launch on December 26. Giving an interesting start to the topic, the CEO said that the upcoming smart screen will be more of a giant mobile phone.

Accordingly, Yu Chengdong mentioned that the Huawei V5 Smart TV will use the most advanced and interactive technologies. These implementations will make swiping and playing gestures more efficient on the big screen device.

Perhaps, the major highlight of the V5 85-inch Smart TV will be the Huawei wireless remote control. As the term reflects, it will let you manage and operate the smart screen more swiftly, without any interruption.

Ahead, the CEO illustrated how the innovative wireless remote control works on the V5 Pro Smart TV. He searched for news information and famous shopping channels, displaying rapid responses on the screen.

Huawei V5 Smart TV details launch

Yu Chengdong explains that most smart screens still prefer outdated button functions to manage several operations. For instance, selecting a perfect movie requires tapping on the button from top to bottom or left to right. However, it’s just the opposite with the wireless remote control.

Huawei wireless remote control – how does it work?

The advanced tech doesn’t work on the ‘tap’ mode. Instead, you can just slide your finger up, down, left, or right on the confirmation tab, making it easy, smooth, and simple to select channels or other content on the big screen. Thus, it appears like using a giant smartphone rather than a Smart TV.

Notably, the ultimate remote control equips multiple tech features such as UWB antenna ultra miniaturization, multi-antenna mutual positioning, IMU and UWB integrated positioning system, and HarmonyOS functionalities.

The overall details hint that we may see this technology with the Huawei V5 Smart TV, which is likely to launch on December 26. Probably, there could be more hidden features that will appear at the time of the official unveiling.

Huawei V5 Smart TV details launch


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