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Huawei launches new generation of LampSite X series 5G ultra power saving network solutions



Huawei Director and President of ICT Products and Solutions Yang Chaobin

During the Global MBB Forum 2023, Huawei Director and President of ICT Products and Solutions Yang Chaobin launched a new generation of 5G indoor digital products solution – LampSite X series.

This new solution helps operators find new business opportunities and accelerate the move into a new era of digital intelligence.

“LampSite meets the demands of consumers for more extreme indoor experiences and unleashes more powerful digital productivity in various industries,” said Yang Chaobin.

Yang Chaobin released LampSite, which increases the density to reach more than a hundred times the average traffic, which requires the upgrade of indoor digital capabilities.

The digital transformation of thousands of industries, indoor factories, manufacturing, warehousing, logistics, and other scenarios require high-precision positioning, ultra-large uplink, and other network capabilities. Therefore, Indoor digitalization has become one of the core capabilities to improve in the 5G and 5G-A scenarios. However, future-oriented indoor digital solutions still face many challenges including the following three.

  1. First, as the entire frequency band moves toward 5G, the frequency band needs to be integrated and coordinated to achieve minimalist design and simplified deployment.
  2. Second, indoor traffic will be huge throughout the day. The imbalance requires dynamic energy saving based on traffic load to help operators reduce energy consumption costs.
  3. Third, the digital transformation of thousands of industries requires more dimensional capabilities to meet the needs of diverse scenarios.
Huawei Director and President of ICT Products and Solutions Yang Chaobin

Huawei Director and President of ICT Products and Solutions Yang Chaobin

Energy Efficient LampSite X:

Huawei’s newly launched LampSite is small in size but contains a large energy efficiency. It can not only support all frequency bands, all standards, and full bandwidths in one box, but also achieve super networking performance, super full multi-dimensional capabilities, and ultra-low network energy consumption in networking scenarios.

It is a product in the industry that integrates millimeter wave and Sub6GHz, LampSiteX can reach a maximum rate of more than 10Gbps. According to Huawei, with the distributed M-MIMO, LampSite X can achieve the optimal experience of 10G everywhere for a single user and 10G for everyone.

For industry scenarios, the LampSite solution can address the power to follow the work and carry out ultimate sleep during idle time, so that the power consumption can drop even below 1W. Also, wakes up on demand in seconds, meets all-weather dynamic energy saving, and maximizes energy efficiency.

In the ToC scenario, Huawei LampSite X has new capabilities that will bring about dual upgrades in consumer experience and business models.  In the toB scenario, LampSite X’s indoor digital multi-dimensional capabilities continue to improve the efficiency of fully connected factories. Taking Midea’s smart factory as an example, the improvement of multi-dimensional capabilities will comprehensively improve the efficiency of production, quality inspection, logistics, warehousing, and other processes in the digital factory, enabling a product to be offline in 7 seconds, saving half the time.

Yang Chaobin said: “We must not only pay attention to the vast outdoor space, but also seize the infinite indoor digital opportunities. The LampSite X indoor digital solution opens up new opportunities in the digital world and will help operators cultivate the richest commercial applications and stride towards digitalization. A new era!”

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