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Huawei launched the world’s first 5.5G (5G-A) equipment solution



Huawei launched 5.5G equipment

At the 2023 Global Mobile Broadband Forum (Global MBB Forum 2023), Cao Ming, President of Huawei wireless network product line launched the world’s first full range of 5G-A (5.5G) equipment products.

Cao Ming said: “5G-A is at the right time to support the development of new experiences, new connections, and new services. Huawei’s full range of 5G-A product solutions enables a tenfold improvement in network capabilities and improves the spectrum efficiency, energy efficiency, and operation and maintenance of the entire network. Optimal efficiency, helping operators to efficiently and smoothly evolve to 5G-A.”

5G-A helps upgrade five major connections

5G-A, also known as 5.5G, its full name is 5G-Advanced, which is an advanced version of 5G. At present, it will take some time for mobile communication technology to iterate from 5G to 6G. During the transition period, 5G-A has high hopes.

It is reported that 5G-A accelerates the upgrade of the five major connections of people, homes, things, industries, and vehicles by providing ten times the network capabilities and multi-dimensional new capabilities. Huawei has released the world’s first full range of 5G-A products and solutions and continues to innovate through its five basic capabilities of “broadband, multi-band, multi-antenna, intelligence, and green” to help operators efficiently build 5G-A networks.

The full range of 5G-A products achieves a tenfold improvement in capabilities

TDD has more frequency bands and more channels of ELAA to deliver the ultimate ubiquitous experience. ELAA technology has been commercially used in 5G networks, greatly improving TDD coverage and energy efficiency. ELAA technology will continue to be upgraded in the 5G-A era: the industry’s first 128T MetaAAU, with 500+ oscillators, combined with a multi-dimensional high-resolution beam algorithm, improves the experience by 50%. The industry’s first dual-band 64T MetaAAU, ELAA dual-band fusion array enables high and low frequency coverage and cooperates with multiple carriers to achieve the ultimate experience of 5~10Gbps.

The entire FDD series goes to GigaGreen, upgrading the basic business experience. The industry’s first FDD tri-band M-MIMO and tri-band 8T achieve 1.8+2.1+2.6GHz three-band integration through GHz-level ultra-large bandwidth. Together with FDD Beamforming technology, it greatly improves FDD spectral efficiency and energy efficiency. Compared with 4T4R, FDD tri-band M-MIMO increases capacity by 10 times and coverage by 10dB. FDD tri-band 8T8R is based on true wideband and dynamic power-sharing technology to increase spectral efficiency by 3 times, 7dB coverage, and save 30% energy consumption.

The largest millimeter wave antenna array AAU, achieving 10 Gigabit continuous coverage. The millimeter wave industry has matured. The industry’s first 2000+ millimeter wave AAU breaks through the millimeter wave coverage bottleneck, making it possible for millimeter wave and C-Band to co-site and provide coverage. Combined with high and low-frequency collaboration, millimeter waves can achieve a peak experience of over 10Gbps and an average experience of 5Gbps in large-scale networks. Intelligent beam management technology breaks through the bottleneck of millimeter wave mobility and ensures continuous experience in high-speed mobile and NLOS scenarios.

DIS’s performance and energy saving have jumped, bringing the ultimate capabilities of 5G-A indoors. LampSite LampSite X supports extreme deep sleep and consumes less than 1W when idle. In coverage scenarios such as underground parking lots, the industry’s only multi-frequency integrated medium-power LightSite supports flexible deployment in multiple scenarios. Compared with traditional DAS solutions, the experience is improved by 35% and the TCO is lower.

Antenna microwave continues to innovate to facilitate the efficient construction of 5G-A networks. The new green antenna reconstructs the antenna architecture through SDIF technology and combines it with Meta Lens technology to aggregate beam energy, resulting in a 25% ultimate energy efficiency improvement. Microwave MAGICSwave enables the upgrade of the bearer network. It uses ultra-wideband multi-channel technology to improve backhaul efficiency in scenarios such as large capacity in urban areas and long distances in suburban areas. The ultra-highly integrated unified platform supports evolution in the next ten years.

5G-A efficient intelligent network enables optimal network efficiency

The spectrum of iHashBand2.0 is pooled, and the 5G-A spectrum efficiency is optimal. iHashBand2.0 reconstructs multi-frequency usage: MBSC (Multi-band Serving Cell) reconstructs discontinuous spectrum into virtual large bandwidth, increasing spectrum utilization by 40% and enabling flexible combination to achieve 10Gbps. FSA (Flexible Spectrum Access) enables flexible access to the entire uplink frequency band, increasing the uplink spectrum utilization by 40% and achieving Gbps in the uplink direction.

0 Bit 0 Watt goes to all scenarios, and 5G-A has the best energy efficiency. At the equipment level, Huawei’s full range of equipment supports “0 Bit 0 Watt”, achieving the industry’s only 99% deep sleep & on-demand wake-up, as well as the industry’s only millisecond-level carrier and channel shutdown; at the site level, energy and equipment intelligent collaboration realizes “0 Bit 0 Watt” for the entire site; at the network level, iPowerStar enables “0 Bit 0 Watt” at the network level for one site and one policy at a time.

IntelligentRAN moves towards L4, with optimal 5G-A operation and maintenance. More frequency bands, more services, and more connections require 5G-A to move towards high-level self-intelligence. IntelligentRAN will provide L4-level intent-based network intelligence: support preventive predictions to achieve a shift from responsive operation and maintenance to proactive operation and maintenance; understand business intentions to achieve business deterministic experience guarantee; support multi-objective decision-making while delivering business experience and network energy efficiency Optimal.

“The future is here, and Huawei will work with industry partners to advance together, focus on innovation, and bring 5G-A into reality!” Cao Ming said at the end.

Huawei has launched the 5.5G equipment to provide the most advanced network solution to the industry, these will help the customers to provide better network coverage.

Huawei launched 5.5G equipment

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