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Huawei launches new 5G products, solutions, and $20 million 5G innovation program to boost 5G industry



On February 20 at the Huawei product and solution launch in London, the Chinese tech giant unveiled its newest 5G products, solution, and new 5G partnership program.

Ryan Ding, Executive Director of the Board and President of Huawei’s Carrier BG delivered a keynote titled “5G, Bring New Value”. Presenting Huawei’s vision for the 5G industry.

So far, Huawei has been awarded 91 commercial 5G contracts and shipped over 600,000 5G Massive MIMO Active Antenna Units (AAUs).

“As a leading global 5G supplier, Huawei is committed to developing the best end-to-end 5G solutions,” said Ding.

The new solutions will include the industry’s highest-performance 5G base station that supports all scenarios and the Blade AAU with the industry’s highest level of integration. The Blade AAU can work under all sub-6 GHz frequency bands and support 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G networks.

This addresses the issue of limited space for antenna installation and reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO) by over 30% when compared to existing solutions. Huawei is also the first vendor in the industry to provide industrial 5G modules for vertical applications.

Huawei also mentioned that 5G will be able to provide more immersive AR and VR experiences to the peoples.

At the event, Ryan Ding also launched the 5G Partner Innovation Program, Huawei plans to invest US $20 million into innovative 5G applications over the next 5 years, to grow 5G ecosystem and accelerating the 5G commercialization.

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