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Huawei launches Level 4 (L4) Autonomous Networks solution globally



Huawei Level 4 Autonomous Networks

Huawei has launched the beneficial ‘Level 4 Autonomous Networks’ solution globally, during the MWC 2024 event in Barcelona. Major industry leaders proposed the advanced networks initiative for better digitalization across the world.

As per the details, Huawei has introduced the Level 4 Autonomous Networks solution on a wide spectrum. The new technology promotes collaboration among enterprises, accelerates app innovation, and sets different business scenarios.

On the flip side, it draws attention to three significant areas. The first is to raise the Level 4 creation and facilitate its commercial use. Next, speed up the development of L4 standards to boost the multi-vendor interoperations in enterprises.

Finally, elevating the growth of Level 4 technologies based on digital twin, generative AI, native intelligence, intent-driven closed-loop, and other services.

Huawei Level 4 Autonomous Networks

L4 Autonomous Networks (Source: Huawei)

During the Autonomous Networks summit at MWC 2024, Huawei, TM Forum, and China Mobile put forth their plans and opinions on how the newly launched solution will contribute to the development of industries worldwide.

Autonomous Networks have the potential to offer radical reformation of business and operation models for operators. It delivers a base for the next wave of digitalization and supports telecom industries to obtain energy conversation, emission reduction, and sustainable development.

The President of Huawei ICT Products and Solutions – Yang Chaobin says:

“We need to reshape interaction models, service processes, integration models, and system capabilities to shorten service TTM and improve operations efficiency and user experience. This will help CSPs achieve their strategic goal of Level 4 autonomous networks.”


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