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Apple issues new application to disprove Huawei ‘Vision Pro’ trademark, says report



Apple Huawei Vision Pro trademark

Apple and Huawei are competing over the ‘Vision Pro’ trademark these days. In response to this matter, a new report says that the U.S. tech giant is making efforts to invalidate Huawei’s trademark and has applied for two new logos.

The information reveals that Apple could discard Huawei’s ‘Vision Pro’ and use ‘Apple Vision Pro’ as the official trade sign for its products. The company issues two trademarks ‘Vision Pro and Apple Vision Pro’. These logos are now waiting for approval.

Notably, the first logo picks those products that don’t count in Huawei’s trademark. Whereas, the second logo focuses on devices related to the Vision Pro category.

Apple plans to introduce its Vision Pro products in the Chinese market by May this year. However, the company is stuck amid trademark issues which seem to be in Huawei’s hands for the time being. The Chinese firm’s product categories count:

“Smart glasses, wearable computers, video monitors, head-mounted virtual reality devices, wearable video displays, portable media players, headsets, etc.” All these products have a direct connection with Apple’s VR headsets and devices.

Apple Huawei Vision Pro trademark

Apple Vision Pro trademark (Source: Weibo)

Huawei Vision Pro

Huawei trademarked the ‘Vision Pro’ name in 2019 while registered it in November 2021. Yet, the application is still under the invalidation review. It seems Apple is likely claiming the Huawei Vision Pro trademark as invalid to officially sell its products in the Chinese market.

Vision Pro appears to be a great opportunity for Apple to regain its fame in the Chinese market after drooping in the smartphone franchise. Thus, the tech maker will certainly do its best to prevent it from being caught in trademark infringement.

However, the Chinese firm plans to launch its VR tech at half price from Apple’s devices. Hence, the demand for Huawei products in China won’t let Apple easily score grades in this matter, and we could witness a strong battle on this subject in the time ahead.

Apple Huawei Vision Pro trademark


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