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Huawei launches Large Model AI typing feature for its keyboard app



Huawei Celia Keyboard

Huawei is pushing a new app update for its mobile keyboard app, Celia Keyboard, and started installing the new large Language Model (LLM) AI feature to improve typing.

Celia Keyboard with version has been spotted with a package size of 22.8 megabytes. This new update brings an AI typing assistance feature using the Pangu Large Model. However, the feature is limited to Huawei Mate 60 series and Mate X5 foldable smartphones.

Other than these, the new Celia keyboard update also includes a toolbar supporting custom emoji icons. It also has typing engine optimizations and bug fixes.

huawei ai typing keyboard

Huawei LLM:

At the Huawei Developer Conference 2023, Huawei announced the use of a large language model in its Celia voice assistant. With this new capability, the company enabled various smart features in its assistant including the ability to write on a subject and do more stuff inside the smartphone as compared to the non-LLM version of the voice assistant.

Providing such use of AI to the typing section, Huawei will help Celia Keyboard users to get better typing suggestions and assistance during their conversation, searching inside the phone, and lots of other activities related to input.

For now, the new LLM-powered AI typing assistance feature for Celia Keyboard is limited to the top two models but it may expand to other devices in the near future.


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