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Huawei launches Intelligent-Driven All-Optical Connectivity Strategy



Huawei Intelligent-Driven All-Optical

On June 2, 2023, Huawei launched the Intelligent-Driven All-Optical Connectivity Strategy and a series of new products in Beijing.

With the evolution of F5.5G, the theme of this press conference is “Optical Linking Everything, Building the Foundation of Computing Power Era”, deeply analyzing the direction of optical technology innovation in the computing power era. It also proposes a new strategy to build high-quality connections and multi-dimensional intelligent perception. Support the digital transformation of society and realize the vision of Fnetlink Everything.

Connection and perception are the basis for cities to become smart. Digital applications such as 8K naked-eye 3D, ultra-high-definition AOI quality inspection, and intelligent transportation with deep human-machine collaboration continue to emerge.

“In the connection business, we mainly focus on two directions, namely all-optical quality transport capacity network and all-optical quality broadband network, to provide the best user experience and the best network construction solution. Based on the accumulation of optical technology for more than 30 years, optical technology has been extended to the two new fields of industry perception and intelligent vehicle optical. Finally, X stands for exploring more digital scene applications and integrating high-quality All-optical connections to serve all aspects of life and products such as homes, parks, manufacturing, and cities.” said Jin Yuzhi, president of Huawei’s optical product line.

Huawei also introduced six major products that were unveiled simultaneously with the strategy release. The industry’s first 400G OTN Kepler platform for data centers, a full range of 400G solutions, the Alps architecture for metropolitan pooling, the all-optical capacity map that realizes computing and network integration, and the industry’s first 50G PON commercial solution with 10G experience, FTTR B30 for small and micro enterprises.

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