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Huawei EMUI June 2023 Security Update details



Huawei EMUI June 2023

Huawei EMUI June 2023 security update details are here and the company has numerous bugs and security flaws in the latest firmware. These security patches are crucial to Huawei smartphones and improve the phone’s capability to fight against vulnerabilities.

In June 2023 EMUI security bulletin, Huawei announced fixes for 9 critical, and 1 medium-level of vulnerability exposures. The bulletin also addresses over 14 vulnerabilities from the past month’s security rollouts.

These issues are fixed in EMUI 13.0.0, EMUI 12.0.1, EMUI 12.0.0, and EMUI 11.0.1. For your information, EMUI 13.1 is also a part of this new rollout procedure. Below you can check all of the CVEs (common vulnerabilities and exposures) mentioned in the June 2023 EMUI security bulletin along with their impact levels.

  • Critical: None
  • High: CVE-2023-21109, CVE-2023-20914, CVE-2023-21103, CVE-2023-21111, CVE-2023-21118, CVE-2023-21665, CVE-2023-21666, CVE-2022-46891, CVE-2021-0877
  • Medium: CVE-2023-21116
  • Low: None
  • Already included in previous updates: CVE-2023-21085, CVE-2023-20909, CVE-2023-20967, CVE-2023-21080, CVE-2023-21081, CVE-2023-21082, CVE-2023-21083, CVE-2023-21089, CVE-2023-21092, CVE-2023-21094, CVE-2023-21097, CVE-2023-21098, CVE-2023-21099, CVE-2023-20950

Huawei EMUI June 2023


As for now, Huawei has not released a new June 2023 update for any of its devices. However, the company keeps on sending May 2023 security patches for eligible phones. This is a crucial update for all of the Huawei smartphones.

Sometimes, users are also expected to get fresh system optimizations alongside a new security patch. However, all of the rollouts are suggested to install as soon as it appears.

Over the past month, Huawei made discussions due to the release of the EMUI 13 roadmap. The company also disappointed some users due to the slim size of the EMUI 13 upgrade plan. It only consists of 11 devices but we believe that this is a temporary announcement.

Therefore, a wide release and announcement may come later on. Still, Huawei chose to upgrade, Huawei Mate Xs 2, P50 Pocket, and P50 Pro in the first slot by this month and the entire roadmap will conclude by the end of this year.

Meanwhile, the latest Huawei EMUI June 2023 security patch will release for various smartphones and we suggest you keep an eye on the firmware section.


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