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Huawei launches industry’s first 2000Mbps all-optical networking solution



At the China Mobile e-enterprise networking new product launch conference, Huawei launched the industry’s first 2000Mbps all-optical small and micro-enterprise networking product, the Huawei FTTR Starlight B30 series.

According to Huawei, the traditional ad hoc network solutions for small and micro enterprises have three major problems:

  • Poor Wi-Fi experience
  • Insufficient bandwidth
  • Difficult network operation and maintenance

“Huawei will join hands with China Mobile and other industry partners to jointly promote the deployment and development of FTTR gigabit all-optical small and micro enterprises Xingguang B30 series products, and help small and micro enterprises to digitally transform,” said Feng Zhishan, President of Huawei Optical Access Product Line.

The address the needs of enterprise networks for higher bandwidth, more connections, and lower latency, Huawei launched a new generation of FTTR all-optical small and micro-enterprise 2000mbps powered Xingguang B30 series all-optical networking solution.

This new networking solution is based on the C-WAN architecture that deeply integrates optical and Wi-Fi, to create small Enterprises’ high-quality network experience that helps digital transformation, and will be applied to China Mobile’s e-enterprise networking exclusive solution.

Huawei mentioned three major advantages of the Starlight B30 solution:

huawei 2000mbps all-optical networking

Zhilian: Build a high-quality Wi-Fi network with three advantages through intelligently connecting business applications.

  • Intelligent sharing of bandwidth: intelligent perception of the transmission status of Wi-Fi air interface, realizing 2G bandwidth on-demand spread spectrum acceleration, super large file sharing “zero waiting”.
  • Intelligent multi-connection: intelligent scheduling of air interface resources, achieving “zero lag” for 300 concurrent users.
  • Smart coverage: The omnidirectional, directional, dual-beam multi-mode integrated smart antenna is used to achieve full-scene coverage with “zero dead spots”.

Zhiyou: Supports intelligent perception of network usage and realizes three major experience optimizations.

  • One-click priority: Supports intelligent bandwidth scheduling, giving priority to guaranteeing the network experience of VIP users.
  • One-click acceleration: Prioritizing the user experience of the top 30 office apps, reducing the average delay by more than 80%.
  • One-click optimization: Mobile App management, supports network optimization in six dimensions.

Intelligent simplicity: flexible deployment of minimalist architecture, and intelligent protection to ensure network security. The minimalist P2MP network architecture supports up to 2 kilometers of ultra-long-distance coverage.

The industry’s first PoF on-site terminator can make a photoelectric composite cable connector in 2 minutes, saving time and effort. It supports three levels of software security, firmware security, and link security Security guarantee, comprehensive protection of enterprise network security.

Huawei announced cooperate with operators to provide 5A one-stop service capabilities, including accurate planning, agile provisioning, all-in comprehensive acceptance, AI-based intelligent operation and maintenance, and attentive self-service, bringing high-quality services to enterprise users.

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