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Huawei launched virtual phone to play games in low end devices



Huawei virtual phone

Huawei and China Mobile have recently launched a cloud-powered virtual phone. This is reported to provide a similar user experience to a real device. With this virtual Huawei phone, users can make calls and play games. It can also be used to watch movies and has other interactive features.

The aim of this new launch is to provide high performance in low-end smartphones. However, it requires a real phone in order to interact with the software.

The apps and user data will be stored and retained on the cloud. So, it could be fetched anytime based on the user activity.

Use case:

Currently, the virtual phone is under beta testing. This would only allow users to opt into the participation process and get a slot for testing. Thereafter, it can be operated for free for 2 hours a day. This new virtual functionality could be accessed via website URL but it currently only supports Android apps.

Huawei virtual phone

Once opened, the user interface is quite similar to a smartphone. It has a home screen, and app icons including cameras, messages, browner, and phone. It’s sort of a web version of HarmonyOS.

But it comes with an additional feature, which opens the control center. It enables you to manage the navigation view, restart the phone, or exit.

In terms of messaging, the cloud phone supports private dm, data cloud storage, app avatars, and more. Since it’s powered by China Mobile network services, it may connect the phone with an existing user plan.

Other than the feature, China Mobile is also ensuring high security and data encryption for some use cases. Overall, the cloud phone idea is pretty good but it may not find a wide user base. Still, it’ll be a China-exclusive launch.


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