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Huawei launched AI Cloth Test app with generative model



Huawei AI cloth test

Today, Huawei demonstrated an amazing SaaS-based application, which uses AI to generate a virtual model and pose for cloth test with one click. This is a massive research made for the e-commerce industry.

At the Huawei Cloud Developer Conference 2023, You Peng, Director of Huawei Cloud EI Service Product Department, demonstrated the AI Model cloth fitting app. This app is developed by China’s Meitu Design, a subsidiary of Meitu.

How does it work?

The application has a one-click image generation mechanism. Upload a picture of a model, the cloth’s picture, and tweak some settings to generate the output. Check the image below for an example.

Huawei AI cloth test

That’s not it, user can specify different poses and output them with the same clothing. This helps merchants to export a whole bunch of images for a catalog to showcase. This example is also seen in the image below.

Huawei AI cloth test pose

In the future, the interface will add new features to customize exclusive models. This feature will allow businesses to get a grip on customizations.

The app doesn’t require much to operate, because it’s designed with an easy interface for e-commerce merchants, bloggers, and cloth sellers.

Response from People

Liu Wen, a practitioner in the Chinese clothing industry, said that the cost of modeling is the most difficult thing for her. It involves multiple issues such as cost and cycle. Occasionally, she will use the same model for shooting with e-commerce friends but often encounter situations such as cooperation interruptions. In order to save costs, Liu Wen also tried props to model her upper body, but it was not vivid enough, which eventually affected sales.

During the recent festive season in China, Liu Wen also tried some common AI solutions. However, she found that the features didn’t match her expectations. Wen¬†later tried this new Huawei Cloud-powered Meitu AI Model Cloth Fitting test application and gave the following response.

Huawei AI cloth test

“The model effect of “AI model fitting” is real, without the common sense of AI. The efficiency has indeed become higher. It used to take a few days to come out, but now it only takes 1 minute, and the cost of money is even higher. dramatically drop.”

In the pre-launch beta test, many users praised the advantages of the “AI model fitting” app.

Maker’s POV?

Meitu Design Studio said that a lot of research was conducted before the application was launched. The development process including debugging and customizations was carried out to address the above issues of the customer’s points. The developer said that the “AI model fitting” app has a significantly low threshold and can be used through random pictures of props or amateur models.

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