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Huawei and UNIDO launch global alliance on AI for industry and manufacturing



Huawei UNIDO

Huawei and UNIDO have announced a global alliance on artificial intelligence (AI) for industry and manufacturing (AIM Global). The alliance is led by UNIDO and integrates public and private partners to improve AI innovations.

“It is our shared responsibility to ensure that advancements in the field of AI are made in a manner that is safe, ethical, sustainable, and inclusive. AIM Global recognizes the importance of bridging the digital divide between nations and industries, and ensuring that no one is left behind in the AI revolution,” said Mr. Gerd Müller UNIDO Director General.

Huawei Vice President of Corporate Communications Vicky Zhang expressed this partnership as a major development in the AI industry. She said Huawei is building a strong foundation in computing capabilities and launching multiple large models for different industries.

Huawei UNIDO

It’s revealed that this alliance will benefit from the local networks and insights of UNIDO’s investment and technology promotion offices that offer support to SMEs globally.

This new organization aims to serve collaboration, knowledge, and development. There are key areas under focus including:

  • Development of AI technologies specific to industry and manufacturing
  • Engaging in the development and promotion of ethical guidelines for the use of AI
  • Seeks to convey policy recommendations to governments and international organizations
  • Promote the adoption of best practices for the use of AI

Huawei said it will actively support UNIDO and AIM Global with its studies on Industrial AI implementation.

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