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Huawei Kirin chip to come back this year



Huawei Kirin

Huawei‘s well-known chip – Kirin will come back to action this year, while there’s a catch to this leak but it’s still exciting news for the Huawei mobile universe.

Tipster – DigitalChatstation is saying that Huawei Kirin will make a return. However, the tipster clearly mentioned that this is not a flagship-grade chip. So, we should be assured that it will not be used for the Huawei Mate 60 series, at least for now.

In the comment section, the DCS mentioned that the yield rate of the chipset is increasing and good news will be awaited.

For those who don’t know, the semiconductor yield is a percentage of the total number of chips that were actually produced to the maximum chip (IC) count on one wafer. It is the opposite of the defective rate. In other words, the yield is the actual number produced to the total numbers that were put in.

Kirin chip come back

Another well-known Huawei tipster shared a screenshot from the program “This is China”. It says “We’ve already done it… the chip thing, wait for the good news and it’s over.”

According to the current flow of leaks and rumors, Huawei is not going for an advanced node. Instead, the company is choosing nodes around 12-14 nm. However, Huawei’s own chip design could be the trick here. It could allow the company to place itself in the competition at least for mid-range models.

We also rated a possibility for Kirin A2 wearable chip in the past, which also falls under the launch radar for later this year.

Kirin chips currently have two series including flagship and mid-to-high-end segments. The flagship lineup includes Kirin 9000, Kirin 9000E, Kirin 990 5G, Kirin 990, Kirin 980, Kirin 970, Kirin 960, Kirin 950, Kirin 930, Kirin 920, and Kirin 910. On the other hand, Kirin 985, Kirin 820, Kirin 810, Kirin 710, Kirin 65 0. Kirin 620 draws into the mid-to-high-end series.

Currently, Huawei has not announced the comeback news of Kirin chip but we’ll keep you posted with all of the latest action in this story.

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