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Huawei is the ‘Sole Leader’ of IMS and Voice Core Network Solutions



Huawei Voice Core Network

GlobalData cooperation has once again released a report based on the Voice Core network evaluation. According to the details of the report, Huawei is the World’s only leader in managing and leading SVC (Single Voice Core) network solutions efficiently.

Although, GlobalData has developed this report on the calculations of several aspects. Besides, the institute has also aligned some other tech makers in this report. However, Huawei is at the top position in terms of Voice Core network facilities.

Talking about the report, the information covers five major aspects – solution architecture, platform and performance, feature and application support, interoperability, and deployment experience. Thereafter, the report counted the figure between different firms and vendors and came out with accurate results.

As per the research of GlobalData, IMS is the base of VoLTE and 5G voice services. Thus, it will always serve as the prevalent voice solution for operators. Further, all cellular networks will concur for a particular duration which could create a difficult scenario among multiple networks. For instance, 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G.

As a result, the operators will require a coherent solution that can manage the multiple networks as well as the VoIP, and VoWiFi. Among Ericsson, Huawei MetaSwitch, Nokia, and ZTE, Huawei have won this solution race with flying colors.

Huawei Voice Core Network


Huawei SVC Solution

The report states that Huawei’s SVC solution stands over the surface of cloud-native infrastructure. Consequently, it uses only one IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) network to adapt voice services from the 2G to 5G range. Aside, it has a high-effective disaster recovery management and inspects that the voice facilities remain online always.

On the other hand, it simplifies networks and makes the O&M (Operations and Management), and offers seamless network growth. Alongside this, it aids the operators in building ultra-reliable and premium networks. Hence, the operators can easily provide signal overload protection, and service fault bypass, and can focus on 5G development.

Apart from this solution, Huawei has also brought the New Calling Solution with the 1 + 3 + N architecture (1 platform, 3 capabilities, and N services). The respective service uses one basic audio and video network, intelligent processing, and interaction facilities. To summarize, it offers UHD video calling, intelligent translation, fun video calling, remote collaboration, and more.

With the constant initiations, Huawei will continue to establish simple and innovative networks solution. And will help the operators to amplify the 5G development and achieve success in the field of business.

Huawei Voice Core Network


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