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Huawei is rolling out Petal Maps (002) app version



Huawei Petal Maps (002)

Huawei is sending a new app for Petal Maps that comes with the latest version – (002). So, the Petal Maps navigation app user needs to install the APK that weighs only 46.93 Megabytes.

According to the changelog, Huawei Petal Maps (002) new app update contains improved virtual navigation, lane guidance, and optimizations for voice search, offline maps as well as levels & badges.

Yes! this update brings lots of optimization and improvement for Huawei’s navigation and mapping service app to provide a new user experience. We suggest you not ignore this important app update.

Further, to get the latest update, you can visit our Petal Maps APK dedicated page [Link]. From where you can directly download and install the new Petal Map update. Aside from this, you can also check for app updates via AppGallery on your smartphone.

Huawei Petal Maps (002)

Huawei Petal Maps:

Petal Maps is a navigation and mapping service offered by Huawei. It is similar to Google Maps but it seems to have a better user interface. Recently, Petal Maps is also launched on Apple’s app store and is available to download with the size of 180.3 Megabytes.

Talking about its features, it provides powerful GPS navigations, the best route for you depending on real-time traffic, suggests nearby places based on your previous search, helps in finding new places, supports live location sharing, and more.

Further, it also supports voice navigation that helps in driving alone because you need not to even touch your smartphone to get route information.

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