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Huawei is offering high pays for fresh graduates to boost its R&D division



Huawei is looking to bolster its research and development by offering a huge pay for new specialized graduates in the field of Artificial Intelligence and others.

Huawei started reducing its reliance on U.S. suppliers to keep moving forward: Report

Huawei is offering salaries of up to 2 million yuan ($291,000) per year to new graduates with advanced degrees, as it bolsters in-house research and development in the face of U.S. sanctions, reported NikkeiAsia.

An internal memo reveals, Huawei had hired eight graduates specialized in fields of artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics this year with a payroll of between 900,000 yuan and 2.01 million yuan. This pay is par with what a major tech company may offer a vice president.

As well educated graduates with specialized skills can help to accelerate research and development of chips, software and other technology that Huawei plans to develop by its own, which is required after the U.S. has decided to cut its suppliers by placing Huawei on the ‘Entity-List’.

Huawei aims to hire 30 such talented employees this year, and looking to reach up to 300 by 2020. According to the report, the Pay will not only attract highly educated workers but to also keep them from leaving.

After the US trade restrictions, Huawei said it won’t stop investing in Research and Development programs for such as next-gen network and AI, as well as continue to recruit more specialists related to such fields.

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