Huawei is committed to increase investment in 5G

On June 24, Wuzhen, China, Huawei at 11th Huawei user group meeting, the company held discussions to accelerate the development in the field of 5G and Artificial Intelligence, as well as identifying issues for growth.

In the Keynote presented by Ryan Ding, Executive Director of Huawei and CEO of Carrier BG, about the development of 5G in which, carriers will have different business focuses in each of the four phases including planning, deployment, operations, and optimization.

Ding said Huawei is ready to provide end-to-end 5G solutions to address carrier’ business requirements with the aim to bring the best 5G into reality.

“We will continue to increase investment in 5G and work with our customers and partners to make this vision a reality,” said Ding.

Earlier this month, another official from the company said that Huawei will surpass 10 billion yuan investment in 5G R&D.

The company also reminded that over the past 30 years, Huawei has operated in over 170 countries and regions around the world, deployed 7.4 million FTTX lines and built more than 800 cloud data centers.

Moreover, Huawei has assured more than 200 major events and maintained more than 1500 networks and their smooth operations. Huawei has worked with 17 out of the top 30 global CSPs on customer experience management and 24 CSPs on excellent network improvement.






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