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Huawei is leading mobile satellite technology while other awaits approval



Huawei mobile satellite technology

Huawei is the first phone maker to introduce mobile satellite technology and it looks like the company will continue to lead in this subject as others still wait for approval. A new input says how the OEM is leading in the satellite technology field.

According to tipster @FixedFocus, the Beidou mobile satellite technology hasn’t appeared on other brands’ devices, except Huawei. Many phone makers have still not received approval to use Beidou Satellite Navigation System on their handsets.

Huawei on the other hand, brought in the Beidou satellite SMS capability with the Mate 50 series. While initially it was only possible to send text to others without a reply, the firm upgraded this tech to two-way communication with P60 Pro.

Even though Huawei has the Tiantong Satellite Communication, it kept evolving the Beidou satellite technology. A good example is the Pura 70 series, which now supports image-sending capability instead of remaining glued to ordinary texts.

Huawei mobile satellite technology

Beidou mobile satellite technology details (Image Credits: Weibo)

Why Beidou Satellite SMS Tech is important?

The blogger mentions that Beidou Satellite SMS  is the only free tech among all other satellite connectivity mediums. It doesn’t need any additional package to operate and supports a free SMS quota, a total of 30 free satellite SMS each month.

Another significant point about the Beidou Satellite System is – China has around 39 Beidou satellites in the sky to meet satellite communication needs for users.

Beidou Satellite Tech enables you to send and receive messages when there is a shortage of cellular networks. Thus protecting you from danger or risky situations.

Huawei mobile satellite technology

Beidou mobile satellite technology benefits (Image Credits: Weibo)

Hence many tech vendors are trying to opt for this technology but none of them have received approval. Phones like the Magic 6 Pro, OPPO Find X7 Ultra, Xiaomi 14 Ultra, and more do support similar techs. Yet, only Huawei rules with the Beidou satellite.

It is unclear when the other tech giants will get a role in the Beidou mobile satellite communication technology. Yet it seems that Huawei will continue to have a monopoly on this subject in the time ahead, with even better and more advanced upgrades.

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