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Huawei is holding a new product launch conference on August 8, is it for Mate 50?



Huawei has announced to hold a new launch conference on August 8, 2022, to introduce some of the new smart products. Is it to arrange a new Huawei Mate series flaghip? Nope, it’s not for the Mate 50 series, instead, the Chinese tech giant will bring some new smart office collaboration devices.

Huawei has announced officially via its Weibo channel that the new launch conference is scheduled for August 8 at 15:00 (China time). The event will host a chief guest from China’s well-known CCTV.

It’s expected that Huawei will launch new IdeaHub devices, which are used for smart offices and digital representations. These products are packed with a super large display and smart writing support, high-definition video conference, along with wireless sharing.

huawei launch conference august 8 huawei launch conference august 8

Talking about its writing efficiency, the IdeaHub supports 35ms ultra-low writing latency to bring a smooth, ultra-responsive writing experience. Its innovative smart writing feature automatically identifies words and figures and flowcharts for you.

The current range of IdeaHub products comes in two ranges – IdeaHub S and IdeaHub Pro. These large screens bring you super large screen sizes of 65 inches/86 inches and a screen resolution of 4k. It supports massive 20-point touch and there’s a 1080 webcam ready for conferencing.

Huawei Mate 50:

Yes, this is not a Mate 50 event but current reports reveal that the Chinese tech maker could release the Mate 50 series somewhere in September. Read more about this here.

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