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Huawei leads the global network base station market for 2022: Report



huawei base station 2022

According to the latest data published by market researcher Trendforce, Huawei will continue to lead the network base station market in 2022. The top three manufacturers of these types of equipment include Huawei, Ericson, and Nokia which account for 74.5 percent of the overall global network base station market.

The report mentions that Huawei will lead the global base station market with 29 percent of the overall market share in 2022. which is a 1 percent dip from last year. Ericson comes second with 24 percent market share, third is Nokia with 21.5 percent market share, up from 20 percent last year.

Samsung has 4th place with 12 percent market share and ZTE comes fifth with 2.5 percent shares in the overall base stations category.

huawei base station 2022

What is a base station? 

a transmission and reception station in a fixed location, consisting of one or more receive/transmit antennas, microwave dishes, and electronic circuitry, used to handle cellular traffic.

Huawei’s growth:

Trendforce mentions that Huawei is continuously making progress in different markets and actively deploying network bases in various countries. These include South Africa, Vietnam, and Brazil. The world’s largest telecom equipment maker is working to expand its presence and working closely with MTN, Africa’s largest telecom company, to build 500 5g seats in South Africa.

Other than these, Huawei is also collaborating with telecom partners in France, Belgium, and the Gulf region to bring a 5G network solution.

Nokia and Ericson in the trail:

The data shows that Nokia and Ericson are also making efforts in markets, which has prohibited Huawei to participate in the 5G rollout. These network vendors are signing multi-year deals with service providers to grab and keep them for a longer duration.


Speaking of the South Korean company, Samsung is also expected to increase its market share in the network equipment industry while keeping the U.S. as its main source of expansion.

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