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Huawei introduces Telecom Foundation Model for improved network productivity



Huawei Telecom Foundation Model

Huawei introduced a bunch of tech products on the first day of the MWC 2024 event and one of them is the Telecom Foundation Model. The new communication solution will help operators to achieve improved network services and productivity.

The Telecom Foundation model is full of advanced capabilities that bring innovative services, improved operations efficiency, reform network productivity, and acquire 5.5G intelligence goals. It also helps to obtain faster technological transformation.

During the event, the President of Huawei ICT Products & Solutions – Yang Chaobin said that the new Telecom Foundation model will play a vital role in supporting network services for years and aid operators in several aspects.

“The Telecom Foundation Model leverages Huawei’s strength in intelligent technology and offers two types of applications: role-based copilots and scenario-based agents. It will help carriers empower employees and improve user satisfaction, which will, in turn, improve network productivity.”

Huawei Telecom Foundation Model

Yang Chaobin (Source: Huawei)

Yang describes the Telecom Foundation Model’s benefits and says that it will enable operators to support smart natural language interactions and improve both employees’ knowledge as well as efficiency. Besides, it will help analyze complex processes and break them into simple methods for user satisfaction.

On the other hand, the Telecom Foundation Model will contribute to the adoption of smart technologies. During the rapid service provisioning, a service assistant will support the telecom model to feature precise multi-modal assessment and quick services.

In terms of user experience, the optimization capability of the Telecom Foundation model guarantees multi-objective scenarios for users. Ahead, the cross-process poor QoE analysis and dialog-based assisted handling make troubleshooting more effective.


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