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Huawei introduces DC908 Pro DCI network solution for reliable data transmission



Huawei DC908 Pro DCI network

Huawei has uncovered a dynamic range of network solutions reflecting the outset of the innovative era, and one of these products is the DC908 Pro DCI platform. The latest invention will make data transmission more stable between data centers.

DCI (Data Center Interconnect) ensures that the data transfer process amid centers remains at a high scale with proficient security. Now, the Chinese tech giant has added a new product – DC908 Pro DCI network solution to this advanced lineup.

Huawei further mentions that DCI products are playing a vital role for enterprises and have significantly evolved from single wavelength 100 Gbit/s to single wavelength Tbit/s.

And to overcome challenges in the field of data transmission, the latest addition will help in every possible aspect. Now let’s explore some of the key features of the Huawei DC908 Pro DCI network platform.

Huawei DC908 Pro DCI network

Huawei DC908 Pro Launched (Source: Weibo)

Huawei OptiXrans DC908 Pro: Key Features

  • Higher Bandwidth

The dynamic product is capable of delivering 1.2Tbits over 240km which is three times more than the average rate. Ahead, DC908 Pro has the largest single-fiber capacity of up to 96Tbit/s. It further uses the C120 + L120 ROADM system to reduce power consumption and can increase the cross-connect capacity from 2.4Tbit/s to 3.2Tbit/s.

  • Higher Reliability

Huawei OptiXrans DC908 Pro DCI network platform bears a powerful Storage-Optical Connection Coordination (SOCC) solution that ensures 99.999% reliability, service security, and continuity of data transfer in data centers.

  • Higher Intelligence

The DC908 Pro runs on three deployment support: IT-based, NMS-free, and one-click service provisioning. These facilities enable the product to reduce the requirement of an advanced skill set. On the other hand, it includes capabilities like Intelligent fiber management, co-cable detection, and subhealth status detection.

Eventually, these features improve the overall efficiency of locating fiber faults. It can also allocate the fiber intermittent disconnection, and jitter faults in milliseconds to boost the troubleshooting efficiency of cable quality issues.


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