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Huawei introduced AirEngine as its new Wi-Fi brand, already deployed in five major regions



At Huawei Analyst Summit 2019, Huawei announced AirEngine as its new Wi-Fi brand, which will be applied to its full series of enterprise-class Wi-Fi 6 products.

At the event, Huawei and Wi-Fi Alliance (WFA) held a media briefing with the theme of “Wi-Fi 6, Unlocking Business Value”, and announced AirEngine as its new Wi-Fi brand, which will be used in the enterprise level Wi-Fi 6 products.

The company also highlighted that its Wi-Fi 6 products have been deployed on a large scale in five major regions worldwide

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“We appreciate Huawei’s great contributions to the development of Wi-Fi 6, from standards and prototypes all the way to commercial use. WFA believes that 2019 will be the year of Wi-Fi 6 commercial use, and it will launch a Wi-Fi 6 certification program in the third quarter of 2019,” said Kevin Robinson, Vice President of Marketing for WFA.

Huawei’s first Wi-Fi 6 commercial product builds on 5G strengths of Huawei. It has passed the highest performance verification of the Tolly Group, an international authoritative test organization.

Huawei 5G smart antenna and intelligent application acceleration technologies increase the Wi-Fi coverage area by 50 percent, shorten the Wi-Fi network latency to 10 milliseconds, and achieve an optimal mobile experience.

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“Typical benefits of this AirEngine include smooth VR/AR teaching in education, 4K high-definition conferences and wireless offices for enterprises, as well as packet loss-free Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) in industrial manufacturing environments,” said Zhao Zhipeng, President of Campus Network Domain of Huawei Data Communication Product Line.

“Huawei AirEngine will accelerate the digital transformation of enterprises across various industries,” he added.

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