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Huawei innovative solutions to help Thailand enhance agricultural sector



Huawei solutions Thailand agricultural sector

Huawei has recently joined hands with Thailand authorities to enhance the agricultural sector via its solutions. The country believes that these initiatives from Huawei Technologies will play a significant role in boosting the income of farmers.

As per the details, Huawei and Thailand Trade Representative (TTR) executive – Narumon Pinyosinwat attended a meeting along with the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives (MOAC) to discuss major strategies for the Triple Farmers’ Income.

Eventually, TTR put forth its points on using innovative solutions of the Huawei Corporation in Thailand to improve the agricultural sector. The new techniques will contribute to the three most crucial aspects of farming management.

Firstly, the innovative tech solution will help in reducing the cost of the electricity supply. It will further divide multiple projects among small-scale industries in both highland and remote areas. Besides, other big projects will be in MOAC’s coverage.

Huawei solutions Thailand agricultural sector

Secondly, these solutions will promote the development of large-scale data infrastructure in agriculture and trade to initiate the latest trend-based plans. This will ultimately lead to increased production and forecasting as per the market requirements.

Finally, the last aspect is to continue the Pirunraj application for a trading platform among farmers. It will rely on the “From farm to Table” format and help farmers to have sufficient income in their hands. In this activity, MOAC will associate with the Ministry of Commerce to look after the actions.

Thailand Development:

Everything combined, these efforts will result in higher incomes for the group of farmers in Thailand. Consequently, Huawei aims to fulfill the mentioned needs and goals with its useful solutions in the respective country for the welfare of farmers.


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