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After Huawei, some phone makers reportedly preps their own imaging brands



Huawei phone makers imaging brands

Two years back, Huawei introduced the XMAGE camera imaging system, and looks like some phone makers are planning to follow the same suit and launch their own imaging brands. Users may find new optical systems in the time ahead.

Weibo tech analyst @DigitalChatStation says that some Android phone makers have reportedly started preparing their own imaging brands while cutting ties with their imaging partners, just like Huawei did a couple of years back.

In addition, the tipster mentioned that these phone makers (mostly Android) will not take up the chance to renew their co-branding contract when it expires.

Although the leak doesn’t reveal any specific brand names on this topic. But it could be those who recently opted for imaging brands like Xiaomi (Leica), Vivo (Zeiss) and OPPO (Hasselblad). It would be worth seeing, how far the leak fits in accurately.

Huawei phone makers imaging brands

Huawei, Leica, and Xiaomi

A few years ago, this was a heated discussion among Huawei and Xiaomi fans. After Huawei ended its partnership with Leica, the Redmi-parent firm joined hands with the imaging brand for its Xiaomi 12 series. The Huawei P50 Pro was the last flagship with the Leica imaging system.

However, this breakup led Huawei to create its camera imaging brand – XMAGE. The Chinese tech giant brought the ultimate imaging system with the Mate 50 series. Eventually, XMAGE has mastered the advanced computational photography.

XMAGE: Functions

XMAGE focuses on four major aspects: Optical System, mechanical structure, imaging technology, and image processing. These combined segments provide a brand-new photography experience to consumers with the best capabilities.

At the same time, XMAGE also accompanies new color enhancements suitable for real-time capturing. Meanwhile, the company assured users to upgrade this imaging system with the arriving premium handsets. A good example is the XMAGE 2.0 for P60 series.

For now, some more tech makers are looking forward to joining this suit. Let’s see what changes other phone makers will opt for to compete with Huawei in this race.

XMAGE Camera


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