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Huawei increased R&D investment in 2022: Report




Huawei continues to post new records in innovation, it’s because of the enthusiasm that Huawei is showing in the field of research and development (R&D). According to a report published by China’s National Bureau of Statics citing preliminary estimates that Huawei is majorly boosting investment in R&D in 2022.

Quarterly insights show that Huawei R&D expenses in the first three quarters of 2022 reached 110.581 billion yuan ($16.3 billion), which is an increase of 8.241 billion (1.21 billion) as compared to 102.34 billion yuan ($15.91 billion) investment during the same period last year.

To be mentioned, Huawei has invested 845 billion yuan in research and development in the past 10 years. While it has 20+ billion yuan in basic research each year. The report mentions that China’s R&D investment will reach 3087 billion yuan, which is an increase of 10.4% over the last year.

Huawei’s R&D investment strongly reflects in smartphones and helped the company to surpass other companies, which have major tech advancements such as the XMAGE imaging system, HarmonyOS operating system, and HarmonyOS connection for third-party devices.

Huawei will maintain strong R&D:

Earlier this month, Huawei’s rotating chairman, Xu Zhijun delivered a speech themed on promoting the re-upgrade of broadband consumption. He said that Huawei will maintain a strong investment in R&D and innovation and continue to promote the development of the digital technology industry.


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