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Huawei improves AppGallery games section



Huawei appgallery games

On October 2022, Dr. Jaime Gonzalo, VP of Consumer Mobile Services Europe at Huawei, people from the global gaming industry were given insight into how they could achieve an improved return on their considerable investment in new and existing games to boost AppGallery for game distributions.

In the past few years, AppGallery is becoming a popular platform for games as it serves millions of monthly active users with new and existing gaming apps. Up until today, AppGallery now lists games from some leading titles such as PUBG Mobile, Mobile legends, Free Fire, State of Survival, and more. Hence, Huawei continues to work on the games section for AppGallery users to enrich its user engagement.

“Games developers are finding it increasingly difficult to reach new audiences. The major challenge is that customer acquisition cost has increased significantly over the years due to market saturation and inflated pricing. That’s why alternative app platforms such as AppGallery are emerging and playing their part to provide developers with improved revenue-generating opportunities,” said Jaime Gonzalo”.

Huawei appgallery games

Currently, 99.9% of apps downloaded via the leading app distribution platforms are losing users monthly, pushing the costs of retention higher and higher.

Gonzalo pointed out that AppGallery currently has 580 million global monthly active users, 45 million of which are in Europe. Outside China, AppGallery has increased in-app revenue by 3x year-on-year, casual game growth has increased by 20x over the same period, and monthly ad revenue for developers has doubled.

“We have a high spending audience,” Gonzalo told the Pocket Gamer audience. “In countries like Germany the ARPPU is $200, in the UK the average is $159 while in Poland it is $100, and this is coupled with very low developer effort. Existing Android games can be ready to onboard to AppGallery in just a few minutes. We also support every game with solutions, promotions, and developer kits, which accelerate distribution and boost revenue numbers.”

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