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Huawei HI: New brand for Intelligent Automotive Solutions, powered by HarmonyOS (Hongmeng OS)



On October 30, Huawei introduced the “HI” brand for intelligent automotive solutions, dedicated to jointly develop intelligent electric vehicles (EVs) with industry partners by using Huawei’s intelligent car solutions and operating system.

The brand new HI solution is powered by Huawei’s all-new architecture for computing and communication and five intelligent system that focuses on the driving, driving, intelligent cockpit, intelligent electrification, connectivity, and intelligent automobile cloud respectively.

Furthermore, the solution involves the augmented reality techs such as LiDAR and AR-HUD for better mapping services, path detections, directions, and more.

With HI brand, Huawei will offer new computer and operating systems, containing three intelligent platforms – driving, intelligent cabinet, and intelligent cabinet and intelligent vehicle control system, as well as three operating systems—HOS (Harmony OS), AOS, and VOS, focusing on automobile cockpit, intelligent driving, and smart vehicle control.

“Powered by the computing and operating systems, vehicles can be ‘defined by software’ with new functions being continually developed, according to Wang Jun, president of Huawei Smart Car Solution BU.

The HI solutions will include a highly automated driving system (ADS) which is based on a Level 4 autonomous driving architecture and is able to provide full-stack solutions for Level 2 plus to Level 4 autonomous driving.

The HI intelligent electric system is based on PDDP electric digital development platform multi-physics coupling AI simulation optimization algorithm to create intelligent oil-cooling heat dissipation technology.

The core power components adopt immersed oil-cooled heat dissipation, and the cooling effect is better at high vehicle speeds. About 3 seconds. At the same time, it provides a full range of 800V high-voltage fast charging solutions, which can last 200 kilometers in 10 minutes.

Similar to any other smart driving tech, the solution also based on machine self-learning technology and capable of self-learning technology and self-evolving. However, it has more to offer.

The HI intelligent cockpit adopts Huawei’s self-developed computing platform and Harmony cockpit operating system, which has a rich application ecosystem.

ARHUD can turn an ordinary windshield into a 70-inch high-definition large screen, combined with 7.1 surround sound, users can watch movies, play games, and hold video conferences.

At the same time, it has visual recognition capabilities, semantic understanding capabilities, and AI technology, can communicate in natural language, understand user gestures and expressions, and serve users intelligently.

In terms of safety, the HI dual electric drive system has linkage control and redundant backup to ensure that power is not lost and driving safety.

At the same time, through AI and big data analysis, early warning of battery abnormalities can be realized, further improving vehicle safety. In the field of information security, Huawei applies long-term accumulation to automobiles to protect users’ information security and privacy.

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