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Huawei Hi equipped AVITA 11 car delivery exceeds 6000 units




On April 6, 2023, Avita announced that the first vehicle delivery of AVITA 11 exceeded a total number of 6000 units. This car is equipped with Huawei Hi smart car system.

According to the information, the cumulative mileage of the AVITA 11 NCA smart driving navigation assistance has exceeded 580000 kilometers. On the flip side, the cumulative APA smart parking has been called 170000 times.

Recently, Yu Chengdong, CEO of Huawei Smart Car Business revealed at the 2023 Electric Vehicle Conference that GAC has given up and will not do it. There are some problems in the product definition and competitiveness of BAIC (Jihu).

From March 1 to 26, the chart of the insurance amount of “China’s high-end pure electric SUVs over 30” reveals that Avita 11 won first place. It gained a total of 1673 units and beat other competitors in the race.

Last month, AVITA launched a single-motor version of Avita 11. The driver system is equipped with Huawei HI high-end assisted driving as standard and the price is cheaper than the dual-motor board.

So, the latest mark of 6000 car units shows that AVITA 11 is gaining massive popularity among car enthusiasts.


According to the information, AVITA is jointly created by Huawei, Changan Auto, and CATL. These companies built battery solutions and vehicle manufacturing done by Changan Auto.

Also, Huawei has no shares in Avita but it supplies important hardware including electric motors and software for smart driving, connectivity, and infotainment system powered by the HarmonyOS operating system.

Avita is looking to unveil the new Avita 11 later this year, while the company has successfully completed a large number of delivery in 2022.

AVITA 11 6000

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