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XMAGE 2023 awards coming soon featuring Huawei P60 Pro



Huawei XMAGE 2023 awards

Huawei has announced that the 2023 XMAGE awards will begin on April 7 to August 15, 2023. The phone maker will host this year’s photography award ceremony to nurture the mobile photography industry.

“Strike a pose, it’s that time of the year Get ready to snap, tag, and compete in our annual imagery awards showdown! Stay tuned for more details,” wrote Huawei.

Interstingly, Huawei featured “Huawei P60 Pro” on the bottom right of the teaser. It shows that the company will feature this upcoming global flagship for the photography competition.

Huawei P60 Pro is the latest flagship phone and it comes with immense photography features. The phone equips Ultra Lighting Telephoto Camera that takes pics with a pristine look from any place and time.

The ultra-lighting main camera brings F1.4–F4.0 auto-adjustable variable aperture. It helps capture marvelous images in day and night with its unprecedented full-path light-capturing capabilities. In addition, it is the first flagship with XMAGE branding right on the camera module.

XMAGE 2023 Report:

Earlier this year, Huawei released the first report of the Huawei XMAGE brand. It is a new imagery technology brand designed especially for smartphones.

The report was based on the works based on the NEXT IMAGE competition and sorted entries with XMAGE images. The report identifies trends in the type of visual content that Huawei smartphone users generate.

Huawei XMAGE 2023 Report contains pictures based on the following themes:

  • Nature
  • Built Environment
  • Indoor
  • Relationships
  • Identity
  • Youth
  • Everyday
  • Cultural heritage
  • Technology
  • Sustainable future
  • Video

This is good news for global Huawei smartphone users and allows them to participate and get rewarded for their photography capabilities. The awards also showcase the importance and quality of XMAGE photography in Huawei smartphones.

Also, there’s more to know about the Huawei XMAGE 2023 awards and we’ll keep you posted.

Huawei XMAGE 2023 awards

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