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Huawei heads on the US lobbyists to deal with the US ban




The Chinese tech firm – Huawei has elevated its spending on Washington lobbyists since the last quarter in order to deal with the US ban. This ban imposed on the company’s 5G network equipment is hitting Huawei’s business in the field as well as its profit.

This ban indicates that Huawei along with some other Chinese manufactures won’t able to invest in the projects related to the Congress plans with billions of accounts in the future.

Huawei’s Spending:

According to the disclosure file, Huawei has listed the broadband and foundation invoices with the corresponding interests concerning the business and digital privacy measures. In both quarters of this year, the company has invested as follows-

  • First Quarter of 2021: 180,000 USD
  • Second Quarter of 2021: 1.06 million USD

Huawei Headquarter

Following the steps of former President, Joe Biden the current President of the US has extended the executive order for the Chinese firms including Huawei. Now, the companies on this list are unable to do business with any organization that operates in the United States.

Furthermore, Huawei can’t take part in the $65 billion Congress plans that aim to spend on developing broadband access as part of a $579 billion bipartisan infrastructure plan.

Previous News:

On 13th July 2021, the US FCC (Federal Communications Commission) has approved the proposal to remove and replace the 5G network equipment of Huawei. Additionally, this scheme has a budget of about $1.9 billion to execute the plan.

It’s notable that the US FCC suspects Huawei and ZTE of providing faulty network equipment and creating a national security threat. However, the FCC can’t present any hard proof yet.

(Via- BloombergQuint)

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